October 20, 2014

Train Up First, Tampa, Florida


Train Up First (TUF) engages, motivates, teaches and inspires youth to take control of their journey through an interactive curriculum inspired by sports. TUF began as a student-athlete focused program, but, with support from CAB’s grant, in a few short years they have moved their focus to encompass the entire at-risk youth demographic.

CAB funding supports the purchase of TUF Talk training material to distribute to over 8,500 youths in 23 Hillsborough County schools.

TUF’s “non-academic” approach gives youth agencies and school administrators a tool to successfully engage the youth and promote self-exploration/problem-solving. It teaches youth that they get to choose who they want to be — regardless of background, current situations or former behaviors.

For more information on Train Up First (TUF), visit their website at, www.trainupfoundation.org